Working Up The Door Poppers For Your Car

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With a lot of features getting automated and stylish in cars, popping the door open without the handles is the next in trend. A lot of people now prefer to convert their cars or even trucks for that matter to something like the Lamborghini. The way the doors open up and lift them up in the air like the scissor hinges looks really exciting. These hinges are more popularly recognized as lambo hinge kits!

Most of these kits are managed manually, i.e. you would have to open the door yourself, pull it towards you and then lifting it up. If the hinges are fixed correctly and are smooth enough, the door opens quite smoothly. That is because the lambo kits contain gas-assisted struts that aid in the raising and lowering of doors.

A fully automated lambo kit

But then, its amazing to have a completely automated kit where just a button-push would have doors open and raise and lower automatically! A custom or say a restoration shop would help you get this done for it requires some welding done. And this would in turn some procedures like linear actuators, shaved door handles, the door poppers, the keyless entry system and of course some miscellaneous brackets and hardware!

To begin with, two linear actuators would be required that are basically motors functioning to raise and lower the door, followed by a shaved door handle kit which a little device helping you to operate handles. And then, the door poppers stand next in line; they are spring loaded devices that helps to push the door out from the door jam, once it is opened. And then is the keyless entry system that must contain a minimum of six channels!

How does it work?

Well, once the kit is installed and all the parts are well in place, it would work like this. When you push the programmed button the remote, the shaved door handles are activated and this releases the door from the latch. Following this, the door popper would push out the door from the jam. And then, push another programmed button which will activate the linear actuators and raise the door for you. Simple!

Once the door is up, by the push of yet another programmed button, the door gets lowered. You could also supplement some mount rocker switches in the vehicle so that you would not have to use the remote for raising and lowering the doors! So, this entirely automated system works really cool with the least manual work involved, i.e. pressing the button and pushing or pulling the door back to the locked position. Many auto parts shops would sell parts separately but shopping through the online market on this case would do just fine; it would turn out to be a better deal. The best offer would be to go in for a conversion package which would save you from locating all the parts and also prove to be economical!

Make sure you have got the professional to install it the right way for you and lo, you could enjoy a fully automated door handling!
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Working Up The Door Poppers For Your Car

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This article was published on 2010/12/29