What is a composite door?

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You may have heard the term composite door or GRP door, but what exactly is it? Why are composite doors becoming the popular choice when replacing your existing front and back door and how does it differ to UPVC and timber?

A composite door, as the names suggests is a door made of up composite materials. Although there are slight variations of material used, it usually consists of UPVC steel reinforced frame housing a timber hardwood sub-frame filled with a high density foam core, and a GRP laminate skin to finish.  GRP (Glass Reinforced Polyester) is a versatile and well proven construction material .  it does not warp, shrink or rust and is virtually maintenance free. G.R.P. has a better strength to weight ratio than steel, is a natural insulating material.

Due to the density and materials used a composite door on average weighs over 70kg. Being nearly twice the thickness of a UPVC panel, a composite doors has better sound and heating insulation in comparison. The GRP skin is available in many colours and even a timber grain effect. In comparison to UPVC it wont fade or discolour in sunlight, and unlike timber doors it will not need sanding or painting as part of a maintenance routine.

In terms of security a composite door is incredible strong and secure due to the durability and density of the GRP skin. It will not dent or crack as a standard timber door would to allow access under stress. High security multi level locks are also fitted to the door to rival the security measures available on a standard UPVC door.

UPVC and timber doors are currently cheaper than composite doors as they are relatively new to the market. Composite doors are becoming the standard in any quality new build house or when renovating existing properties. Many customers still do not understand the benefits of a composite door in comparison to existing materials. You should save on heating costs in the long run, improve security  and notice a reduction in sound penetration when you fit a GRP door.

In summary, composite doors or GRP doors allow the highest security, longevity and insulation when fitting a new front or back door. Not only that they look as good if not better than other door types.

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What is a composite door?

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What is a composite door?

This article was published on 2011/12/22