What Goes In To A Composite Door?

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Composite doors may be foreign to some people, most homes haven't even gotten around to looking into UPVC window frames and doors when suddenly a newer, more impressive material comes out, or should that be materials?

Composite is defined as being a mixture of numerous materials; this is how composite doors are produced, by mixing a number of different materials together the ultimate door has been produced using materials such as wood, foam and UPVC to gain the many advantages that each component has but also filtering out the problems that material may have presented in the past.

~For instance wood is a material that responds to the weather, when it gets wet if untreated can cause the wood to rot and will need regular maintenance such as sanding, treating and painting in some cases throughout the year as well. UPVC was introduced as it was a more resilient material that requires very little maintenance; in fact most people are able to restore the colour and appearance from simple wiping their doors down with a damp cloth.

UPVC also has the added benefit of pockets of air being held within the door itself, these chambers increase rigidity and act as valuable insulation to help keep the warm air inside your home from being chilled by the cold air outside. UPVC though may have been easy to break into as some test found that some doors had ‘weak points' where if the right amount of pressure was applied then a hinge or lock could be damaged, even quarter panels knocked out allowing the burglar access to your home.

With composite doors the base of the door sis often a heavy wood to ensure that if outer layers are somehow penetrated there is still a heavy and thick wooden base to get through. Surrounding this wood is thick insulating foam that helps to retain the heat in your home and all of this covered in a strong and resilient GRP skin made from a form of fibre glass that can be coloured to suit your tastes and runs deep enough so any knocks or scratches are unlikely to pose any lasting damage.

Around the edges composite doors have UPVC edging to increase the heat saving credentials even further as well as being mouldable for a wide range of locking mechanisms from hook points to dead bolts built in to your door. Composite doors are fast becoming popular with many more advanced and unique designs available including doors with windows and other features.

UK Arch doors can be a unique and attractive addition to your home as well as other models such as fire doors UK.

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What Goes In To A Composite Door?

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This article was published on 2010/09/23