The Prestige of the Designer Door Knob

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Have you ever heard the expression, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression"? Sure, first impressions may not always be accurate, but making a good first impression is important in your business and personal life. When it comes to your home or office, the first impression people have takes place right at the entrance door. An unattractive, ill-fitting, or flimsy door or door hardware can make a poor first impression on a client or visitor. But taking care with your door and door hardware can remedy the problem.

European Door Handles

European door hardware is synonymous with understated style and uncompromising function. Using European door handles on your front door or at your office shows that you care not only about beauty, but about proper function as well. European door hardware is often made from stainless steel because of its great beauty and ability to harmonize with any décor scheme. Stainless steel door pulls quietly broadcast your commitment to great style that doesn't compromise on utility.

Practicality of Stainless Steel

You only have to look at modern offices, stores, and restaurants to see how popular stainless steel has become in recent years. High-end stainless steel kitchen appliances are sought after for houses of all sizes and styles. Stainless steel accessories like wastebaskets, door stops, and desk accessories have become very popular. They not only look great, they are super easy to care for, and are very long-lasting. Adding stainless steel door pulls gives a decorative touch that does much more than look nice. Stainless steel is one of the most practical materials used in today's homes and businesses.

What Quality and Style Say About You

Fads come and go, but style is timeless. Investing in stainless steel in your home, office, or retail space shows commitment and also shows that you know the difference between a hot trend that will be over in six months and style that looks great indefinitely. Stainless steel is timeless enough that it works with any decorating style, and it will still look great even if you choose to redecorate or renovate. Showing your clients or visitors that you appreciate the best says that you are solid, dependable, and committed for the long term. And replacing door hardware isn't necessarily a huge monetary investment. You get many benefits from this simple change.

Small Touches, Big Impact

A designer door knob may not be all that noticeable, but if you have a low quality, flimsy door knob that jiggles every time someone turns it, rest assured, they will notice. Using door hardware of high quality stainless steel is a subtle change, but one that is well appreciated by those who look for quality and understated elegance. If you are looking to update your home, office, or retail space, choosing stainless steel hardware for doors, drawers, and cabinets may be one of the best choices you make. The look of quality is unmistakable, and you can be sure that your hardware functions perfectly, year after year.

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The Prestige of the Designer Door Knob

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This article was published on 2012/03/07