The best wooden folding doors

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There are a wide range of styles to choose from when choosing the right patio door for your home.  In addition to the traditional sliding door or hinged French door, there is also the option of choosing folding doors, bifold doors or external sliding doors.

This variety of patio door is a great option when looking for a design which is stylish yet tough against day-to-day use.  Folding doors or bifold doors are also excellent options when choosing a door for a smaller space such as a home office or a small kitchen.  Due to its design, it helps to save space as well as allowing complete access between rooms or to an outdoor area.  Bifold doors are constructed from two doors which fold towards one side.  These two doors run on rollers on a track, which are held together by hinges.  Bifold doors are excellent when trying to save on space, as they consume less space than the traditional sliding door.

As well as wooden folding doors, there are also external sliding doors, which are excellent when used as doors opening onto a rear garden, providing protection against the elements in the winter and providing ventilation into the house in the summer and of course allowing for freedom of movement and a view into the garden.  When choosing external sliding doors, of course materials must be taken into consideration.  Common materials used in making these doors include aluminum, wood and PVC.  While these materials have many positive attributes in terms of hardiness and longevity, woodenbifold doors or folding doors are often the most popular for blending in with the rest of the décor in the home in an unobtrusive, yet stylish way, with a wide range of type colour and grain of wood to choose from.You are here:

Another factor to consider is the size and number of the panels used in the doors as the size of the door depends on the size of the door opening and also of the room itself, although on occasion the size of commercially available bifold doors, external sliding doors or folding doors will be considered prior to the size of the actual door opening.  This is done to save on time and expenditure, in case the desired door size has not been made commercially available.

Configuration also needs to be taken into account.  This includes options on how this type of door would be folded and opened.  Ordinarily, the configuration of bifold doors, external sliding doors or folding doors is dependent on both the arrangement of the room and the requirements and considerations regarding space.

Another factor to consider when choosing folding doors or external sliding doorsis glazing.  Glazing is important in terms of appearance, privacy and in keeping the house warm during the winter, and there are many options available on the market.

Finally, the trickle vents must be looked at.  These are particularly important, especially when ensuring that the doors meet the necessary building standards and requirements.  Therefore, it is recommended to consult the building standards covering the space or the room in which you intend to install your folding doors.

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The best wooden folding doors

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This article was published on 2010/10/21