Strengthening Your Garage Door

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Mechanical nature of garage door is already unreliable and wood makes it even more unreliable. Wood is most preferred material for making garage doors but this popularity of wood is not because of its strength and reliability instead wooden doors are popular just because there is no other more elegant and attractive material than wood. You can have a very attractive and unique looking garage door made of wood which cannot only match with the overall home exterior but it can also enhance the overall home exterior. To integrate that kind of beauty and attraction in your home exterior, you must use wooden doors but you should also pay some attention towards their reliability and strength. There are different methods available which you can use to enhance the strength of wooden door.


First and simplest method is to insulate your wooden door. Insulation is most used process of increasing wooden door's strength but some people hesitate to insulate their door because it costs them extra money and insulation of wood is always done with a high quality insulator which is always expensive. Though insulation increases the overall cost of wooden door but it also make sure that your door will stay intact throughout the year. If you cannot afford insulation then, there is another method available which is very cost effective and budget friendly.


Steel and rubber seals are used to protect wooden doors from extra moisture and harshness of weather. These seals are installed on edges and corners of these doors and they make sure that no extra moisture enters in the surface of wood. There is just one drawback associated with these seals that they disturb the overall wooden design of your door. You can install these seals for particular harsh weather season and after that, you can remove them.


These two methods of protecting wooden doors are commonly being used and are very popular but designers and technicians have introduced a new kind of material in market which is called composite garage door material. This is mixture of wood with vinyl, steel or any other more reliable material.


This mixture is similar to rubber and steel seals except that this mixture is made by keeping all the design considerations in mind. They make these mixtures very precisely and make sure that internal wooden design of wood is not disturbed. In fact in most of the cases, they blend in the other metal in such a way that it enhances the overall door design. You can utilize any of the above methods to make your door to stay throughout the year. Insulation is best of them all. Insulation is expensive but it will keep the door design intact and will stay intact through every kid of weather.

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Strengthening Your Garage Door

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This article was published on 2011/09/04