Petsafe Dog Doors - Choices For Every Home

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Whether you have a dog, cat, or multiples of both, letting them have the option of when to go out and when to come in can save so much time. This type of freedom also helps to eliminate the scratching, barking, and other negative forms of behavior they exhibit when they want to go out and you cannot let them. PetSafe Dog Doors are the answer for you and your pets.

Of course, having any Dog Door assumes that you have a pet safe area into which your pets can go once they do go out. Make sure your pet once outside, can be safely contained in your yard while he's enjoying the fresh air and taking care of business.

There are multiple sizes and styles of PetSafe Dog Doors and each has a purpose. There are simple styles of Dog Doors that can be installed easily into screen doors or regular doors. The flaps are weather proof, easily movable, and return to their original position immediately. Most pets figure out how to come and go the first day.

You also have your choice of styles that can be built into a garage door or other exterior walls. These are ideal for pets who are not allowed in the house alone for long periods while the owners are at work, etc. If your pet needs to be contained in the garage, it is the perfect solution for when he feels like heading to the backyard for a nap in the sun.

For additional safety, there are electronic PetSafe Dog Doors. Unlike Dog Doors that allow entrance by just about any pet (including your neighbor's dog if he figures out how to use it!), electronic PetSafe Dog Doors can only be opened when a pet wearing an appropriately tagged collar comes close, and the sensor releases the lock. The electronic PetSafe Dog Door is the perfect choice for any pet owner who has come home to find that their pets have actually brought friends home through a regular Dog Door.

Prices range from about $50 to over a few hundred for the large electronic styles. The PetSafe Dog Door can accommodate Wall Mounting, Door Mounting, or even Sliding Glass Door Mounting applications. It provides you and your pet a great freedom, especially on the long days of your work week.

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Petsafe Dog Doors - Choices For Every Home

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This article was published on 2011/01/08