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House of Color Paint Although you can highlight the personality, but the main function of system to prevent the partial oxidation of the metal housing , the Department of rust. The sand , but a chance to be playing paint flowers , or off as a result of the collision . If the Well treatment, rust will continue to expand the scope of not only unsightly, can cause a serious piece of metal from Li off , affecting the structural safety of houses , really Do not be ignored! Generous housing body paint found only a little sand scratches , they are free to use up the oil pen point of the new oil to prevent rust , but large-scale system is more downright generous rust problems , you need to do fuel injection and sent for decorators Corrosion engineering.

Requirements Decoration Aluminum doors and windows services, such as window glass aluminum doors and windows to blow away sand and mud . In addition the use of detergents and cleaning products , such as vacuum cleaner , mop , sweeping movements cloth, glass blowing and other equipment not included in the end package . If property damage or casualties to be responsible for such insurance . Then write down the date you wish to clean , the number of aluminum windows and doors , aluminum doors and windows to not clean the data. In fact, also good for metal rust ! As commonly used in modern decoration construction Aluminum doors and windows Is the principle of using aluminum rust Oh ! Aluminum is easier than iron and oxygen effect, rust to form aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide thin texture of this layer is very dense , so instead of forming a protective film , cut off from the air inside to avoid the role of aluminum and oxygen to rust.

Jinshan moral, the staff of most of the time to plant for the home, many people fall in love with the same Garden design Potted plants , and even adopt one pot of landscaping plants , as a spare time interest. Xiang Mao next to the factory , through a door , the eye is a green garden landscaping , hard and subversion of the general image of the factory gray . The guest house is located in a greenhouse cultivated plants next to the conference room filled with all kinds of more plants, and Xing are with the surrounding paint colors . Landscape gardening design , said that a conference room around ten tree problems, has arranged for pruning and removal.

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Paint Although

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This article was published on 2010/10/05