Lambo Doors Shown To Prevent Deadly Standard Door Accidents

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The Lambo Door King has completed part one of a three part study on the dangers of standard vehicle doors as part of a risk mitigation effort with the goal of eliminating damage done to people and property by horizontal factory default driver and passenger door systems. The study looks at the cause and effect relationship between standard doors and accidents involving bicycles, vehicles, pedestrians, and stationary objects.

Vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to bicycle accidents are disasters waiting to happen for standard vehicle door owners. The latter is especially deadly year after year with countless bicyclists doored by standard vehicle doors opening unexpectedly into their path. No matter how many public service announcements are aired by cycling activists groups people still forget to look before they open the door and knocking or causing a biker to swerve into oncoming traffic. Bikes don't stand a chance against doors let alone cars, trucks, and buses. Vehicle to vehicle accidents can be bad too, but having your door ripped off its hinges typically hurts your wallet while leaving you intact. Still having ones door ripped off by a passing vehicle can be a scary experience for the driver who usually is at fault due to careless opening.

Pedestrians have the right of way and even when people realize that standard door accidents are all too common. Frequently joggers are smacked by an oblivious passenger parked too close to the sidewalk and even former passengers find themselves the subject of sloppy door closing that causes unnecessary bruising. Opening door by itself is typically more harmful for those less fortunate souls who encounter parked cars and stationary objects. Odds are everybody reading this knows somebody whose been dinged by a door a the mall. In some cases inconsiderate door dingers even leave the scene without compensating their victims. Then there are the run-ins with stationary objects like trees, telephone polls, fire hydrants, and street signs that leave you it a big dent and nobody but yourself to blame.

When will people learn to stop the insanity? Don't people know that they can prevent deadly bicycle accidents, expensive door repairs, and safeguard stationary roadside objects simply by buying better door hinges? Lamborghini style vertical door hinges convert any standard door into a a vertical door systems that opens up and forwards at angles up to 130 degrees with minimal outward motion making the road safer for bicycles, passing motorists, parked cars, and tax payers sick of people damaging public property. You don't have to undertake an in depth Risk Management Study to realize that buying Lambo Doors is the responsible choice for safety conscious consumers.
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Rod Richardson is an American automotive enthusiast and experienced risk management theorist. He believes that increases in vehicles with vertical Lambo Doors reduces the number of automobile accidents involving standard doors.

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Lambo Doors Shown To Prevent Deadly Standard Door Accidents

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This article was published on 2011/01/14