Kitchen Cabinet Doors - Choosing the Right Material

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Now that you're ready to replace or install new cabinet doors, you just need to choose their material - wood, laminate, glass, or steel.


There is a variety of wood options. Do you want solid wood or wood veneers? There are pluses and minuses with both types. Veneers can often be cheaper and less vulnerable to outside weather conditions, although often this is not a concern. The greatest damage to your doors will come from the temperatures and humidity from your daily kitchen activities, although the temperature and humidity outside can affect solid wood doors. Veneer may also have a bit more uniform look because it can be cut thinly to cover the entire face of the door. Wood is available in a variety of colors, especially if you want to paint it, and it can be finished in many ways - glossy, varnished, painted, or waxed.


There's an even greater variety of textures and colors that laminate doors come in. Chances are, you'll probably be able to find anything you can imagine. If you're looking for a soft feel for your kitchen, you could try using creamy colors and a matte finish. If you want to show off your elegant kitchen, you could try Italian-style doors with bold fronts and shiny colors or trim.

There's one great advantage that really makes laminate doors stand out when compared to other types - they're nearly maintenance-free! Wood always needs all the care and attention it can get, especially in busy kitchens, and it may also be susceptible to temperature and humidity changes outside. All laminate doors need is an occasional wipe-down or two and they'll be as clean as when you bought them! Laminate is also less prone to wear and tear and can therefore maintain a fresh look for several years.


Glass kitchen doors are most often used to elegantly display a collection of cutlery or fine china, but it can also work well for standard kitchen doors depending on the style of your kitchen. There's also the option of frosted glass for a concealed yet still translucent appearance. Glass doors can be versatile no matter what your kitchen theme is - traditional or modern.


Stainless steel can also be used for kitchen doors, although it tends to be more popular for worktops and appliance casing rather than doors because it has its own character all on its own. Its look can also vary, from clean and sparkly to warn and matured. One of steels best aspects is that it's very durable - it's low-maintenance and is easy to clean. Also keep in mind that steel on its own looks very cold. To warm it up a bit, you'll need to combine it with other warm colors. And remember that steel usually carries a high price.

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There are a lot of great materials and options out there for your kitchen doors In the end though, it really just depends on your own personal tastes, the style of the rest of your kitchen, and your budget.

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors - Choosing the Right Material

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This article was published on 2010/03/31