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Of the many interior design programs showing on television right now, it is surprising that most don't give air time to a fixture that is perhaps the first object that indicates the feel of a room- the door handle by which you open the door. For something so small, in the grand scheme of a house or office, a door handle has an enormous amount of impact to a person entering a room. If the surface is pleasing and the action of unlatching the door unthinking, or better yet, noticeable and good, then it will create a strong impression on the visitor. Quite apart from this is the aesthetics of the house and the statement made by the choice of door furniture.

Given a blank canvas, a plain hallway with white walls and a pale carpet, the only indicator of style is the door knobs and hinges of any exit from the hallway. If cut glass, or brass is evident then you could assume that the house will be decorated in a similarly classical manner. However if the handles are stainless or lacquered in black paint then there is a fair bet that the other areas of the house will be quite modern and maybe even minimalist in their aesthetic.

More handles stock interior door handles that will complement any style and any palette. Interior door handles and door knobs are usually on a rose (unless you feel the need to be able to lock particular rooms, in which case More Handles generally stock matching door hardware) that compliments the look you have chosen.

Classic door handles include Porcelain and Brass door handles and generally employ simple turned shapes that are balanced and pleasing, like the Delamain Greek Key Mortice Door Knob that combines design simplicity with a strikingly classical shape to add a touch of class to any entryway.

Art Deco Styling is fast approaching its centenary, and has rarely been out of fashion since its development. Indeed Art Deco feature are increasingly used in minimalist structures. The Traditional Chicago Mortice Door Knob, from More Handles is a beautifully reproduced example of Deco styling that will fit in a period perfect building or offset the blankness of a minimalist environment perfectly.

Great interior design often involves pushing the boundaries somewhat and exploring new designs and often, new materials. Pewter is a metal that has been around a long time, but is more often associated with jewellery than door furniture. Despite this there is a growing movement towards using the material in interior design and with good reason: Pewter is a stainless material that gives a visual and tactile impression of natural metal. More Handles are always offering new products at the forefront of modern design and have a great number of products, like the Finesse Pewter Beamish Door Knob, that use the materials finish to create contemporary as well as classical designs, and even some that possess a gothic charm.

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More Handles keep up to date with the latest trends and the Door Handles and Door Knobs that you need to make your home as individual as you are. Check out their full range at


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This article was published on 2011/01/01