How To Select The Right Garage Door Style

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Facades of newer houses can have up to one-third of their area used by garage doors. It is the first detail about your house people will notice from your street. One which seamlessly blends in with the overall design of your home will look pleasing. Spending some time and effort in researching available styles will pay off.

Garage doors are available in different styles and materials. Here's how to select the right style according to your house-

1. American house styles can range from colonial to Victorian. European house styles include Tudor, Mediterranean, Spanish, and French Country. Doors in matching styles with the required features are available.

2. Traditional carriage doors swing open, but newer models fold open while maintaining the look of a carriage door. These are popular choices for a variety of house styles.

3. Raised-panel garage doors are synonymous with the category. You can find them in all possible materials and features.

4. Steel is the most preferred material in this category. They are affordable, low maintenance, and durable. You can paint it to match your house color. It is also available in a texture similar to wood.

5. This material is a poor insulator, so buy insulated doors to save on energy costs and muffle noises. The thicker the material, the more durable it will be when items like basketballs come in contact with it.

6. You may want to choose a wooden one if you are looking for a traditional style. Painted wood with flat hardboard panels is most affordable. Stain-grade wood doors provide the warmth of natural wood. They can look extremely attractive when someone is driving by your house.

7. Although wood is a better insulator than steel, better energy conservation results from installing insulated steel doors. You will also need to maintain wooden doors well, refinishing them on a regular basis.

8. Recycled wood fibers are used to make composite doors. These combine steel's strength with the look and texture of wood. They are superior to solid wood in resisting rot and splitting.

Door Pro America have a range of 8,000 doors, so you can choose from traditional styles to modern ones, depending on the style of your house!
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How To Select The Right Garage Door Style

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This article was published on 2011/04/09