How To Install Your Composite Doors

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Upgrading the front doors on your home is an easy DIY project that can be done in as little as a few hours. With professionally manufactured doors and frames that are made to measure, you can dress up your front entrance with beautiful new composite doors.

Where to Buy the Door Kit
You need the entrance to your home to be secure and a quality door and frame kit is the best way to ensure that. Trust an established manufacturer that will work with you to create the best possible door design, while providing products that meet all specifications. Look for a kit that also supplies all the instructions you will need to both remove the existing door and install the new composite door, creating a gorgeous new front entrance to your home.

How to Remove Your Old Door
This part of the project should be done carefully, paying special attention to the condition of the wall around the framing. If you will be salvaging the door or frame itself (local salvage shops may be interested in buying older doors if they are still in decent condition), try to be gentle during removal.

Use the tools that are stated in the instructions and have a friend on hand to help you lift the existing door (or doors) away from the site. Inspect the condition of the walls surrounding the old frames once youve completely removed it. If there is any rotting wood, damage from pest attacks or any other deterioration, be sure to fix it up before installing the new doors.

Clean up the area thoroughly before bringing in the new doors. This is especially important if any glass was broken while removing your old doors.

How to Install the Composite Doors
Starting with the new door frame, attach it securely to the wall and door sill. Use the supplied hardware or source out the hardware as stated in the installation instructions. You may need to plane the door frame to allow your new composite doors to fit properly, creating a smooth passage for opening and closing. Dry fit the doors to be sure the angles of the new frame are perfect.

Hang the door with the provided hinges and check that the lock sets all fit snugly for the optimum security. Once the door is up you will need to open, close and operate the locks a few times to test the overall fit. Make adjustments as necessary. With top quality kits your new composite doors should be up in just a few hours, completely transforming the look of your home.
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How To Install Your Composite Doors

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This article was published on 2011/02/18