How to Install Cabinet Door Knobs

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There's a quick and easy way to make your kitchen cabinets look new. Replace the cabinet door knobs. A new set of door fasteners is a quick easy fix to bring new life to any kitchen. So without further ado here's how to install cabinet door knobs.

The first thing to do is to go out to the store and find some new hardware. Be sure to bring an old door knob with you. By bringing the old door knob you can match the screw holes up. This will save you from having to drill new holes and then find hardware that will cover the holes already in the cabinets.

Now that you have a whole big bag full of door knobs head back into the house and grab a screwdriver. If you picked out knobs that match the same hole pattern it's just a simple matter of inserting the screws and you're done. If any of the holes have stripped out just squirt a little bit of wood glue into the hole, let it dry then run the screw through it again.

If however you went with a slightly different style it's going to take a little bit more work to make sure all the doorknobs line up evenly.

Place the new knob on the cabinet door and move it around until the old screw holes are covered.

Use a pencil to mark through the hardware and mark the door.

While measuring the hole offset is a good way to make sure everything lines up you run the risk of making a calculation error and throwing everything off.

Instead grab 2 pieces of scrap wood, a 2X4, and plywood bolt them together in a T shape.

You can now hold this up to the cabinet door and mark where the new holes are going to be. Trace the edge of the cabinet door onto the plywood then mark the drill hole locations on the template.

Drill screw holes in the hardware jig you just made.

You now have a template you can put on each cabinet door ensuring every hole will be the same.

You're finally ready to attach the new hardware. Grab the drill and a small pilot bit. By drilling pilot holes into the wood you won't risk splintering the cabinet facing.

The only thing left to do now is attach all the new door knobs.

Put the screws through the attaching hardware and tighten them into the pilot holes.

Be sure not to over tighten the screws all you need to shoot for is snug. Over tightening can warp the door knob or strip the screw out of the pilot hole.

How to install cabinet door knobs is a simple task. A new set of door knobs can update your kitchen without the major cost of a full remodel. So if your kitchen is starting to look a little run down why not go shopping for new cabinet hardware. The installation is easy and you'll love the look of your restyled kitchen

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How to Install Cabinet Door Knobs

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This article was published on 2010/03/27