Garage Door Installation - Tips You Can Follow

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A garage is a place that provides space to your precious vehicle. It needs a strong door to provide protection and security to your vehicle. There are different types of doors that are available in the market that you can choose for your garage. While a garage door installation process completely depends on the type of door, a few basic tips match up any installation process.

1. Connect weatherstripping to the bottom part of the first panel of a garage door.

2. Position the panel on the entrance, with the right side facing in.

3. The hinges that are provided by your manufacturer must be attached to the top portion of your first panel.

4. Follow the instructions properly to part together the tracks for your gate. This will involve the usage of horizontal, vertical and curved sections.

5. Hammer in rollers and brackets on top of the first panel.

6. You must line up the vertical track that that arranged with the help of rollers on the top portion of the first door panel. Do the same thing for the other side of our door.

7. Attach the first panel to the second one by fastening the pivots between each door. A power drill that has a screwdriver-like end can accelerate this process.

8. Repeat the last two steps for attaching third panel.

9. Connect the horizontal and curved portions of the track. Rotate them together to ensure solidity. Repeat this step on the other side of the door.

10. Fit a track hanger of suitable length to support the horizontal part of the track. Fix the track hanger onto the wall around the horizontal track.

11. Place the track in the track hanger. Repeat the last step to fix the second horizontal track part on the other side of the garage entrance.

Garage doors need to have a mechanical stop-and-reverse device to rule out the chances of any injury that any animal, people or object can receive when the door is being lowered. Most of the modern garage doors are equipped with sensors that are installed on either sides of a door. A digital safety feature can also be installed to ensure safety from burglars.
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Garage Door Installation - Tips You Can Follow

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This article was published on 2011/04/09