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When you are in hurry, you need to take the car out within a short time. If the garage door does not work properly, it may take more time. A garage can be used as an extra place for party or meeting. If there are problems to open the door, following tips can help you to fix them. Repairing tasks may differ according to the opening and closing mechanism of the door.


The doors, which are operated by power, will not work if the power is out. In such cases, you will see there is a cord; pull it, you will be able to open the door manually. To know more about this, you should see the instruction manual provided with the door accessories. Cold weather may stiffen the door opener. In such cases, you will have to adjust the pressure adjustments seasonally. Adjust the settings according to its manual to keep everything running smoothly.


Saggy doors will create problems to open. Older models may become saggy. Tension rods can be used to fit the door tightly. Usually the rods are positioned at the backside of the door. The rods are set diagonally from one corner to another. You can fix the saggy doors by tightening the rods. Some doors may not come with tension rods; in such cases, you will have to buy them separately.


To keep the car secure the door should be locked properly. After years of usage the locking bars may out of position. You should realign the bars. Look at the guide brackets and unscrew them to loosen the bars to move. Now reposition the bars, so that the bars can be set into the slots. Use machine oil to lubricate the lock for smooth functioning.


You should be careful enough if you have to repair the springs, these may injure you. If you are not experienced enough, then you should call a professional for this task. Nowadays, there are many servicing companies which are providing servicing over the internet. Surf the internet and contact them. They will provide you necessary instructions to repair the problems.


Regular maintenance can help you to keep the door always running smoothly. You should check all the parts of the door weekly or monthly and oil the parts where necessary. Keep some common and necessary tools like hammer, screwdriver, or pliers in your garage for the convenience of the maintenance task. 

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Fixing Garage Doorgarage Door Repairs

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Fixing Garage Doorgarage Door Repairs

This article was published on 2011/10/20