Enjoying Track Window Blinds

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Track window blinds are a new style of window blind that are perfect for those homes in hot or arid climates that just don't get the protection from sunlight and heat that they need but still need a good airflow to come through and keep any dwelling or office nice and cool and comfortable.

Thank goodness the track window blind is here. Track window blinds are composed most often of a plastic slat or strip hung vertically from a track assembly that stretches over the patio or outside French door of a side way entrance or exit. Each slat is mounted to this assembly which can be then be pulled by means of a pulley assembly back and forth across the door as the user desires by means of a long cord with plastic handles on each end or a remote control for the automated option.

Some newer models even have computer uses that allow them to be drawn across or open at will depending again on the will of the user or owner. These plastic slats can also be switched open or shut to keep the light in or out as desired.

The door can be kept partially open or shut to permit airflow and circulation but not dust or bugs due to the nature of the slats that hang from the easily controllable track assembly. The cord is kept tight to the door via the track assembly for safety reasons so that pets and kids and the like cant get choked or trapped by the extra hanging long cords that come from the front of the track assemblies and the door. The slats can also be removed via a clip or a loosening of the clasp that holds them to the track assembly for seasonal purposes or for cleaning which is usually done with a wet cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol and or hot water.

The slats are made of a light plastic material that controls the temperature by pressing close to the pane of glass on the door which keeps the heat in and the cold out unless a panel of the door has been opened which allows the cool air to circulate and keeps out the dust and the bugs to a large extent. Keeping your door open will allow dust to build up on the slats so it is recommended that you clean frequently if you live in a desert area or an area with a lot of wind or moisture in the climate.

It is also crucial that the track assembly be kept up to snuff and made sure that all the cords are tight for both ease of use and safety if you have a family. Track blinds are a great way to keep your house cool and privacy can still be maintained with proper materials via the high tech slats.

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Enjoying Track Window Blinds

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This article was published on 2010/05/23