Door window blinds for extra security:

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Usually people have their important stuffs like, key-cabinet and other similar stuffs in their hallway. If your door let the people to see, what's happening inside will increase the risk of being burglared since people can definitely see where you have your keys, and they can quickly enter your home and get out with your car keys and possibly with your car. If you are conscious about something like this not happening then you need to either get a door that does not allow people to look inside, or find door window blinds that are able to block the visibility. Blinds provide security by blocking unwanted people from seeing what you have in your hall. The best part in this is that you can open them when you are inside the house and like to see who is behind the door, and close them when you are out so that there can't be anyone looking in. Here are a few ideas on different possibilities for door blinds,

Roller Blinds:
There are variety of roller blinds you can install. They are affordable, easy to install and fairly cost effective and time saving to maintain. Many roll up blinds come with a built in valance that will highly hide the roller mechanism. These are great if you do not concern the fact that there is little variance obtainable with light flow into a room. If your main concern is privacy at night, these would be a right choice for you.

Vertical Blinds:
Vertical blinds is another widely used blinds. They are affordable and they add a nice, soft look to a room especially if you choose the vinyl type, rather than aluminum blinds. While they look great, they will not provide you with the best privacy as you can often see in between the vertical slats even when the blinds are fully closed. They are not efficient enough in controlling the amount of light that comes in through the doors either, though they are more controllable than roll up blinds. One of the greatest thing with vertical blinds is that they can be pulled to the sides of the doors with ease, making it very easy to open and close the doors as you need to.

Mini Blinds:
They are fairly lightweight, they should be fastened down so that they do not blow about when the doors are opened and closed. They are inexpensive, and wide variety of colors and styles are available and they are fairly easy to clean.

Glass doors with Built In Blinds:
These days, many glass doors are built with a double layer of glass. You can buy doors with built-in blinds, the advantages of these kinds of doors are many, very little need for cleaning as the vacuum between the two panes of glass keep away the blinds from getting dirty. Controls built into these kind of doors, so you can lower and raise the blinds, or you can change the angle of the slats. Buying these kind of doors will not cost you any extra than buying the blinds separately and installing them over glass doors. These type of mini blinds are usually long-lost and operate without any problems developing.

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Door window blinds for extra security:

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This article was published on 2010/12/30