Doggie Door Training - How to Train Your Dog to Use the Doggie Door

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Training your dog to use a new doggie door should not be too difficult, but it may in fact take from a few days to a week. Of course there are the exceptions, those dogs who just take one look at the door and zip right through, but most dogs require some time to become accustomed to this new way of going outside.

Reasons for obtaining a doggy door in the first place are varied. Some people do this for ease of house training. If your dog can go in and out as he or she pleases, this can oftentimes make potty training a breeze as they don't have to learn how to "ask" to go out. Another reason for purchasing a pet door is if you do not want to be bothered letting your pet in and out all day long. My dogs love to go in and out and they are constantly wanting either to come back inside or go outside. Their own door is a lifesaver, for sure.

Remember that this door is something new and also makes some odd sounds. You can begin your training by manually pushing the flap open and showing your pet that he can go through. If you have someone to help, have them stand on the other side with one of your dog's favorite toys to help entice him through.

You may find that your dog will go right through if you hold the flap aside, but then refuse to go out by himself. That's okay and is to be expected. Eventually, with some time, they will figure it out. In the meantime, simply keep helping them along by holding the door open as they learn to go in and out.

One thing that could speed up the process is if you happen to know someone else who has a dog that can show yours how to use the doggie door. Usually if they see another dog doing something it will give them a nudge in the right direction, and soon you'll have your dog totally trained and using the new door like a pro.

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Doggie Door Training - How to Train Your Dog to Use the Doggie Door

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This article was published on 2010/04/02