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A dog door is a small entrance in a wall, door or window to allow dogs to enter and exit a house themselves without anyone opening the door for them. There are many benefits to having such a door, both for the animals and the owners. Many different products are available and they come in various types and styles.

Having a dog door is very convenient. Once it is in place, there is no further need to let your dog outside manually. This saves you a lot of time and nerves. It will also curtail unwanted behavior such as barking, scratching and excreting in the house. If you give your dog the freedom to go outside as he pleases, he will very likely be outside more often. The increased amount of fresh air and exercise will keep your dog`s body and mind in good health.

When it comes down to choosing an appropriate dog door, you really have the freedom of choice. No matter how tall your dog is you should be able to find a decent product. Keep in mind though, that small children can pass through certain doors!

Here`s a short list to give you an overview about the various types:

Door entries: Installed very easily, they are usually placed at the bottom of a door. They are made of plastic or aluminum and consist of one to three flaps. The flaps are soft and flexible and therefore easy for your dog to pass through. Depending on the weather conditions in your region, you may want to go with a 3-flap system (more energy-efficient) to protect your home from extreme temperatures. All of these doors include some sort of a closing panel in order to close off your dog`s access. Note that this kind of dog door is the least expensive due to its simplicity.

Wall entries: These types of doors can be installed in almost any interior or exterior wall. Depending on the manufacturer, most of the doors are made for a wall thickness of 4-3/4" to 7-1/4" (12 cm - 18 cm). It is possible to buy extension tunnels in order to extend beyond 7 1/4" (18 cm). In most cases they are made of aluminum and have 2-3 flaps. As well as the door entries, the wall entry doors can be bought in different sizes.

Other popular types are patio and electronic dog doors. Both of them are a little more expensive. By installing an electronic dog door, you literally give your furry pal its own key to the house. A so-called smart key is used to operate it. The key should be worn on your dog`s collar and it communicates through radio frequency with the door. It automatically unlocks when the dog approaches. This kind of door is battery powered. Patio dog doors work in a similar way as the door and wall entry doors. Giving your dog the chance to leave the house on a hot summer day to find a comfortable place on the patio is great.

It`s possible to install all of the above mentioned dog doors on your own. The process will take you about two to three hours and is rather simple.

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This article was published on 2013/09/12