Different Garage Door Styles for Your Home

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In the same manner that house styles vary, the styles of garage doors also vary. You should know that your garage doors are the most important feature of your home that can be noticed from the street, as they cover as much as a third of the frontage of your home. Therefore, it is important that you find the right garage door style for your home that matches with the overall style. Here, you will find information on the popular garage door styles that can blend-in with the style of your home.

The traditional doors are designed in order to blend with major American and European styles of homes including Cape, Victorian, Colonial, Craftsman, Ranch, Spanish, French Country, Tudor and Mediterranean house styles. The second style of doors, the carriage style doors look like the doors of the old carriage houses. However, they are common place with most of the modern homes, nowadays. While the traditional carriage doors used to swing open, the modern models maintain the swing door looks, but they can be folded open with ease.

Another style of doors that is highly popular among present-day homes is the raised panel garage doors. These doors have become the standard, and when it comes to considering garage doors, these doors come first in the minds of most people. And, due to this huge popularity, it is possible to find these doors available in almost all the materials and options for you to choose from.

And, when it comes to contemporary designs, it is most convenient for you to match your door style with the style of your home. A contemporary house built with high-tech materials and clean lines needs to have a door style that matches perfectly. One of the most popular contemporary door styles is the one containing tempered glass panels enclosed in aluminium frames. The glass panels can be tinted, frosted or clear according to your choice.

Once you have chosen the style of the door that needs to be installed in your home, the next thing to consider is the material of the door. The different material choices that can be considered are steel, aluminium, wood, wood composite and fiberglass. Steel is the most popular material used in making garage doors, as they are priced reasonably, and they are durable and require lesser amount of maintenance. The material can also be painted easily, and can be added with textures that look like wood. Aluminium doors also have most of the features of steel, along with the advantage that they are lighter in weight, and not as expensive as steel. If you have a penchant for traditional styles, then you can choose wooden doors. Additionally, wood is a good insulator, better than steel, but it requires regular maintenance and refinishing.


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Different Garage Door Styles for Your Home

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Different Garage Door Styles for Your Home

This article was published on 2011/05/03