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It could be said that a door is just a door; it opens and closes, keeps the draught out and the noise down and as long as it fulfils the functions required needs no further consideration. This of course is a rather narrow view as the right door adds aesthetic value to a room setting by harmonising with the décor and layout. This is where the door designer comes in.

Door Design Innovation

The door designer has many considerations to take into account when engaging in the creative process. Doors are used in a variety of situations and by a variety of users, each with their own requirements. For example a door used in a commercial environment such as an office or hotel has to be not only attractive but also robustly constructed to cope with heavy use. An architect of a prestigious building may look more to the aesthetic qualities of a door ahead of a focus on the functionality. A door designer therefore has many things to consider when creating door ranges suitable for a wide spectrum of different uses and the individual requirements of specifiers and users. The types of material used and methods of construction are constantly under review to ensure that the end product is fit for purpose and at the right price

Creative Door Design

What is meant by creative door design? Doors have been used for millennia but the capacity for improvement both in looks and functionality in never ending. Unusual materials such as Bubinga and Wenge are being used in door designs either as veneers or as contrasting inlays for striking effect. The construction of the door is also important to reduce the possibility of warping or premature degeneration; there is no point in a beautiful door if it doesnt close properly! The creative use of veneers, inlays, contrasting glazed panels, architrave etc. can add substantially to the ambience of a living or working space.

Designer Doors from Reliable Suppliers

We have established that door design comprises both robust construction and innovative use of materials to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing door. The question then is, where can well designed doors be obtained? A supplier like J B Kind travels the world looking for new ideas in door design, not only new timber types but also innovative construction techniques to bring a better product to the market. They create new door designs, sometimes from consulting with users and satisfying their requirements, or often from within their own resources and these new doors are added to the extensive ranges they offer to the door buyer.

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Designer Doors

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This article was published on 2012/03/26