Decorative Door Stoppers Add Style

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Decorative door stoppers bring a sense of style to the mundane function of keeping a door open. They are much more interesting than the old kick down door stop, allowing the home decorator to express more personality. Door stoppers do serve a function, by allowing the homeowner to have the windows open to enjoy the flow of fresh air without having to listen to doors that slam at the slightest breeze or shift in air current. They can also be used to hold doors open or closed for any reason.

Those who are creative or crafty may gain great enjoyment from making their own. It certainly isn’t necessary, as there are a large number of attractive and engaging doorstops available for sale online. Handmade and one of a kind styles as well as commercially produced distinctive designs can all be found easily. True antiques and replica stoppers are widely available. There are collector sites that trace the history and development of different designs.

Door stoppers are of two main types. One is wedge shaped, with the narrow end being stuck underneath the door to secure it in place. The other type is simply heavy enough that, when it is placed against the door, the door cannot move. Both types are effective, so the choice comes down to personal taste.

Many home decorators who do not necessarily need the functionality of a door stopper enjoy using them as room accents. With the staggering number of different styles available, stoppers can be found that will go with any décor and to complement any theme. Because they can be long, tall, flat, or three dimensional, the possibilities are truly endless.

Often whimsical, door stoppers can also be quite refined and elegant, and everything in between. Animals are a particularly common motif, and may be found in designs from classic statuary to those with a humorous take. There are also abstract and classic shapes, such as the fleur de lis or ornate designs that acknowledge the Victorian love of decorative door stoppers. Fruit, such as the Williamsburg pineapple, and many other reflections of the natural world are also frequently seen. Nautical themes are yet another popular motif.

Wedge stoppers may be made from wood, brass, plastic, PVC, or silicone. The wedge may either be incorporated directly into the design, or it may simply be a base on which the design element stands. This type of door stopper may not be suitable for doors on carpeting that comes right up to the bottom of the door.

Block style stoppers, because of the need for weight, are most often made from iron, stone, or concrete. They may be painted, finished, or covered in another material. Some are made from cloth that is filled with sand.

Decorative door stoppers also make a creative wedding or housewarming gift. They are an inexpensive and fun way to add a point of interest to any room. From funny to abstract to classic, there is a stopper that will complement any style.

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Decorative Door Stoppers Add Style

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Decorative Door Stoppers Add Style

This article was published on 2011/11/29