Custom Iron Doors For Safety And Decoration

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The thought of iron doors may bring with it the image of sterile gray bars.  However, this is not necessarily the case, particularly when you find custom iron doors.  Not only will these doors provide you with the security you need, but they will also give your home another beautiful decorative edge in ways you may not have previously imagined.  Ornamental wrought iron doors can cover front entryways, garages, gates, driveways or any other entrance you want to keep secure.

These doors are available for both residential and commercial use in a variety of sizes.  They are even available as single or double doors suitable as inside or outside doors.  Many designs are made by hand, so each custom door has its own distinct style.  Many of the higher quality doors are a one-piece seamless frame.  You may also find doors with polyurethane insulation, so these doors may also help with heating and cooling needs in your home.  All these features may be combined with elegance and craftsmanship not found in any other type of door.

Custom iron doors are not the only structures you can use to add security and beauty to your home.  Many iron structures can not only secure windows but also decorate them in ways you may not have previously imagined.  For instance, a Goth pivot structure may be used for a window, leaving it functional so that you can open it as you choose though any intruder would be hard pressed to squeeze through the opening.  You may also choose windows that openly regularly on hinges and lock at the handles.

Whether you are looking for doors, windows or gates, you should also consider what type of glass comes with your iron doors.  Many are made of clear tempered glass, so it does not easily crack or break.  Since these doors are customized, you may also be able to be frosted or some other color glass if you so choose.  Of course, gates may not include glass but still have the incredible ornate designs found in many doors.  Wine cellar doors may have some of the most creative door handles to compliment the doors' function.

There are many choices when it comes to your custom iron doors.  You may draw inspiration from designs that are already popular or you may style your very own to accommodate any personal preferences you may have.  For example, you can create twigs and leaves as your gate or play with swirl designs for your door.  No matter what you decide, you can be sure that your ironwork doors will be durable and provide you with the safety you desire without having to sacrifice sophistication and creativity for your décor.

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Custom Iron Doors For Safety And Decoration

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This article was published on 2011/01/04