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Now you can have style and security with composite doors

In the past you had to compromise on style if you wanted a secure door at the head of your home. Modern composite doors don't like to disappoint though, they offer enhanced security and great looks in one fabulous package. Think PVC looks cheap? Wood looks dated? Try one of the composite front doors instead. It's made from the hardiest of materials that possess the most amazing powers of strength. As the customer you are offered plenty of choice in the design of the composite doors. You might be the traditional type and want your doors to reflect this fact. The again, you might prefer composite doors that come in a trendy style. The choice is yours because there are sixteen styles of doors to choose from that come in six colour options.

Burglars hate composite doors

They had it easy before composite doors came along to put a stop to their pilfering. Where PVC proved to be easy to overcome, composite doors prove to be a different prospect altogether. Tested to the extreme, composite front doors can be put through a punishing regime and still be left standing. Why make life easy for burglars when you can have composite doors fitted that will thwart their devious plans? Fitted with a number of security features, your composite doors can provide you with enhanced levels of protection leaving you to feel safe and snug in your home. Strengthen your security measures with composite doors and send Billy burglar packing.

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See how affordable they can be. This will be one investment that you don't mind making because the composite doors will last a lifetime. Pick a style of composite front doors that you like; then go to town on the many options that are available. Accessorise your door with a choice of door hardware, make it as individual as you like. Maintenance on the door will be easy and keeping it clean will be a breeze. The weather might do its worst to make your composite doors look mucky but a quick wipe down and they'll look like new again. Price up a new set of composite doors and have them fitted by an experienced door company. Need further info?  Ring for a brochure and leaf through the pages at your leisure.

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Composite doors from

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This article was published on 2010/11/10