Benefits Of Upvc Doors

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The front door on your home gives an instant impression to visitors, with a neglected door presenting a poor image to the outside world. A solid wood door looks good when you initially have it installed, with a fresh coat of paint and sparkly new hinges and door furniture. After a season of bad weather, the wooden door may have warped causing it to stick when opening and closing, as well as looking dull and faded as the wood requires another coat of paint and cleaning to maintain the appearance. Wood can become discoloured, affected by mould and mildew and generally lose its fresh new look, as well as becoming draughty.

UPVC doors keep their appearance, no matter what the weather conditions are. All that is required to maintain the appearance of a UPVC door is a wipe down with a mild soap solution and hot water. You will never give a bad first impression with a UPVC door, as it will always look as good as new. It is imperative when deciding to have UPVC doors fitted that you select a reputable company who will provide the ultimate safety standards and fitting to ensure that your doors last for many years.

Here at Zenith, our UPVC doors have a comprehensive security system built in as standard to provide total peace of mind. We also offer a full ten year guarantee which is transferable to the new owners of your home if you decide to move. Security is an important aspect of new doors, whether a new front door or patio doors opening up to the back of your house. A reputable company will use track rebates to prevent an intruder lifting out the panels, along with the latest locks and security system to give you peace of mind.

As energy bills continue to increase along with concern over the effects of carbon emissions on the planet, saving energy is an important feature of your doors. Double glazing and double sealing will prevent draughts getting in to your home and heat escaping. UPVC patio doors allow you to sit inside and view the outdoors on the coldest of winter days without any discomfort from draughts. A large percentage of heat is lost through badly fitting doors, with cold air getting into your home in the same way. UPVC doors that are manufactured and fitted correctly will prevent any draughts as they will seal when closed, retaining the heat in your home. The cost of installing UPVC doors will soon be recouped with lower energy bills and a cosy home.

UPVC doors always look good, without faded woodwork or peeling paint. Minimal maintenance is all that is required with a wipe down using warm water, with no painting or varnishing ever necessary. You will also benefit from increased thermal comfort as a result of the highest quality UPVC, resulting in much lower energy bills and a cosy home. The security of good quality UPVC doors is unrivalled with the latest security systems fitted unobtrusively, keeping you and your family safe in your home.
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Benefits Of Upvc Doors

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This article was published on 2011/01/18