Basic Commercial Door Repair Facts

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Although commercial doors are made to withstand a high volume of rough usage, sometimes one just cannot avoid problems that arise. These doors are made from strong, high quality and heavy-duty materials. Because of this, major problems cannot always be repaired, but there are a few small things you can do to keep things running as smoothly as possible until you must call in a commercial door repair professional. Here are a few problems you may encounter with your doors and how you may fix them.

Most likely, the first problems one may encounter will be with the door handle, since they are subject to most of the abuse. Replacing these are not too difficult, but as it is a commercial door, you may need a few special tools and about an hour of time to devote to it. But remember while doing any replacements or repairs to your own doors, those commercial doors must follow regulations for safety standards. So be sure to check your facts first, including regulations from the ADA that sets standards for compatibility for those with disabilities.

To remove the simple push and pull handles, just remove the screws in each corner that holds it to the door. Once this is removed, you will be able to pull the handle off the door. Next, you can slide the cover plate off of the doorknob to expose the screws. Generally the cover plate just snaps into place without any fasteners. So if you have a little trouble getting it off, then you should just twist it around until it slides out easily. Once these screws are expose, remove the one that holds the lever or knob in its place. Once you have removed these, you will need to carefully take each side of the lever or knob in your hand and pull them apart slowly.

Now you can look for a small opening in the handle. There will be a small hole that in generally located on the side that goes to the inside of the building, which prevents tampering with the door knob from the outside. Finally, use a small pin, paperclip, or screwdriver to insert into the hole. This will hit a release button that will allow the handle to be removed completely from the door. After this is removed, you can easily replace the knob or lever following your given commercial door repair instructions.

Because these are doors are used in commercial settings, it is not always advisable to repair and work on them yourself. They must fit into strict guidelines, and if done improperly, they could lead to more trouble, safety hazards, or to the need of replacing the door entirely. But if carefully thought out, you may be able to do simple repairs such as this one, as long as you make sure it is done correctly.
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Basic Commercial Door Repair Facts

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This article was published on 2011/03/31