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Who wants an automatic door?

An automatic door can be so convenient that these days lots of firms take them for granted. Imagine a trip to your local supermarket or DIY store without the handy automatic sliding door. Things would be a lot more difficult. There are substantial benefits to the business of most companies as studies have shown that footfall – the amount of people who enter a premisis – is greatly increased after one is installed. Think about it. People with disabilities, immobile old age pensioners and mothers with young children can be put off by the prospect of somewhere not being easily accessible for them. It is now a legal requirement for businesses to remove all possible barriers which impede entry to a shop for someone with a disability so you must make "reasonable measures" to ensure you comply with standards.

However, it is not just businesses that are automatic door buyers. Increasing numbers of people are getting automatic or sliding doors installed in their own home to make life easier. It is a significant investment but luckily local authorities offer a range of grants and financial assistance if someone is in need. It is worth talking to your doctor, social services, council or housing association to see what assistance is available.

What are my automatic door options?

If an automatic door is for retail use there are several options. Normal swing doors can be adapted to be fully or semi automatic with the use of motion sensors, key fob transmitters or touch pads, or if you have a particularly large premisis with high footfall sliding doors are a worthwhile investment. When the automatic door is installed in a domestic property, people usually opt to have their front and back doors replaced with key fob operated systems. Sliding doors are a popular choice for patio door replacements and a bathroom or toilet adaption is also worth bearing in mind. It is possible to get a door which can be opened and locked using pads on either side, but equipped with an override system for emergencies.

One firm which offers all these options is They have undertaken automatic door installations for commercial use in places as prestigious as Leicester's Shires shopping centre, offering a range of aluminium and glass shop fronts and specialise in automatic sliding doors and fully automatic swing doors. They also have vast experience of installing products for domestic use.

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This article was published on 2011/04/30