Are Upvc Doors The Most Secure?

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When it comes to doors in the home you want something that not only looks good but also offers the very best in terms of security. That is where uPVC doors come in because they provide both these functions. uPVC is an abbreviation for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride. Because there are no softening agents used when making the material it is strong and durable, a perfect match for doors in the home. uPVC doors can be made with exceptional locking systems which makes breaking in very hard to do. The panes themselves should be shock resistant which makes them virtually impossible to smash. When it comes to security therefore uPVC doors leave other types trailing in their wake.

There are so many different styles of door you can have that any house can. From modern homes to traditional Manor houses, when it comes to doors, uPVC offer the most attractive designs that blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house. The doors and windows on a home need to look good on both the inside and the outside. uPVC windows come in different colours and finishes and there is even wood effect available making the right look practically guaranteed. If the windows look beautiful and offer the very best in functionality and efficiency, why use anything else?

Often wood is used as frames for doors and windows with a single glazed pane in between. These do look good yes, but are they a good security measure? Wood can rot very easily in the rain as wood and water do not mix well. Rotting frames can simply fall away making the windows or doors totally unsecured. Wood also needs regular treatments with varnish and other products in order to protect it from the elements and keep it looking good. uPVC needs no such treatments. Once they are in place they will need nothing doing to them for years or even decades. Perhaps occasionally a damp cloth should be run over the frames, and a quick polish given to the panes but otherwise there is nothing that needs doing. No repairs to carry out, varnishing to do or rotten wood to replace. uPVC is by far and away a better choice than wood when it comes to security in the home.

For durability uPVC cannot be beaten. Just like plastic, uPVC is cost effective to produce and hard wearing. There is a good reason that so many products and items today are encased in plastic or made of plastic! Unlike traditional plastic however it does not leave a negative impact on the environment behind. In fact it is a friend not an enemy of the environment. It is not just doors that can benefit from being made of this material, but windows, french doors and even conservatories can be made from uPVC and provide all the security and durability that is needed to keep the home safe.

There is little else more flexible than uPVC doors either. Not in terms of the door itself but the styles and colours that the doors are available in. Wood effect finishes include woodgrained mahogany and golden oak and to the untrained eye there is little to tell it apart from the real thing. There is white available too however if you prefer. Doors can also be made with low-threshold options for full disabled access.

There can be no doubt about it, uPVC doors can offer the best security possible. Being hard wearing, durable, shock resistant and fitted with excellent locks it is difficult to break through pvc doors. Coupled with the high security features they are also extremely attractive coming in a whole range of styles and designs. If you need a new door of any type then uPVC front doors are ideal.
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Are Upvc Doors The Most Secure?

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This article was published on 2010/11/22