All the Options to Accessorize Your Front Door

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An important part of your home exteriors is your entry door. The front door of the house makes the first impression, thus it should be designed cautiously. The design should harmonize with the exteriors of the house and should be welcoming. From the design color and size of the door, to its operation, ease of use and security level, all the factors should be considered.  

In addition to the door design, the door accessories you use are also a very important consideration. You don’t need to put a lot of things over the front door, but whatever you install should look elegant and make a good impression.

The door handles
A door handle is a door accessory as well as a necessity. It gives you a great opportunity to highlight the beauty of your front door. Door handles are available in a number of designs, shapes and colors. Generally metallic handles are the first choice of home owners for their durability. These come in golden, silver, copper, black and various other metallic colors. Some of these come with a latch to restrict the door from opening until the chain is not taken off.

Door knockers
This door accessory also comes in a wide range of designs. Door knockers generally come in bold, ethnic designs like a lion’s head or a carved ring. The color of this door accessory must match with the color of the handle otherwise it will create a huge mismatch. Even the door hinges attached to it should be of the same color. There are hardware sellers who provide matching door accessories.

Door bells
The latest trend in door bells is hanging a metallic door bell on the door or installing one by the side of the door. These bells render a very traditional feel to the house. Moreover these do not require a battery or electric power so these will ring during a power cut as well. These produce a very sweet and unique sound so you will never confuse it with the sound of your neighbor’s bell! But while purchasing one, make sure it will produce enough sound to penetrate the door and make you aware of someone arriving at your door. Door knockers and door bells have the same purpose but if you want to install both for ornamental purpose, you can do that.  

Door name plates
There is an exhaustive range of name plate designs available in the market. You should choose the one that suits your door style and home exteriors. Name plates can be made of metal, plastic, wood, glass or fiber. You can also think of installing name plates on the inner doors of the house for decorative purpose.  

While searching for door accessories, you should also check out other unique door accessories available in the hardware shops such as door knobs, door stoppers and latches. Remember not to overdo it and keep the door simple and elegant.

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All the Options to Accessorize Your Front Door

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This article was published on 2013/06/05